Monday, October 22, 2012


Halloween is a BIG deal around here.  Not just because we all like to play dress-up (and I mean ALL of us), but because Mike's birthday is on Halloween.  And we all have raging sweet-tooths (sweet-teeth? I don't know). 

So, it shouldn't surprise you that the kiddos don't have the corner on the market for costume fun.  Here's the thing: one item on my bucket list is to have us all dress as Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang.  I thought it was going to happen this year, but it wasn't meant to be.  When I got the kids their skeleton pj's back in September and they've refused to take them off ever since, I thought, "Hey, they might be on to something."

Consequently, I set out to make myself a grown-up skeleton costume to equal theirs.  I checked out this tutorial and combed the Web, but it soon became clear that I would have to freehand my own stencils for this thing.

"No problem", says my confident, it's-only-September self, "Plenty of time."  I grabbed some old black yoga pants and a black long-sleeved T-shirt, and got started.  First, I had to draw out my templates.  Under duress, I might add, as my medical-minded husband chided me for the incorrect number of ribs in the ribcage. 

My next move was to trace everything onto freezer paper and to cut it out with an X-acto knife.  After that, I sponged on 2 coats of white fabric paint and 1 coat of glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, and here are the results:

Sorry for the crummy pictures.  

I think my costume turned out awesome.  So, as a little Halloween treat, I have a link for the stencil patterns for both the kid skeleton and the adult skeleton template that I made.  Trick or Treat!



  1. Your skeleton turned out so awesome!!! And I am super impressed with the treat of the stencils. You go, blogging girl!!!

  2. I did these for my daughter. Then painted over it with a glow in the dark paint. she loved this. You did a great job. Thank you for the free download.