Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Memphis Zoo Boo

This past weekend, we headed over to Memphis for some family time and a Halloween warm-up.

We've had to limit Will's Halloween costume dress-up to 10 minutes a night in an effort to give the Buzz Lightyear costume a fighting chance of making it to Halloween (trust me, this kid can destroy ANYTHING - white spandex and plastic is not going to be a challenge).  Consequently, a certain space-ranger-in-training has been chomping at the bit to test drive his new duds.  Big sister's costume hasn't even been started yet, but she's been remarkably cool about it so far.

Anyway, Saturday night was the big night to head out for some nocturnal zoo fun.  Sarah was such a trooper, she didn't kick up a fuss at all about wearing (gasp!) running shoes with her princess dress.  I took the opportunity to test-drive the good ol' skeleton costume.  Will spent most of the evening alternately taking off and demanding we put back on his cursed gloves.

Here's a pre-game picture:
Skeleton costumes are so slimming.

 My genius mother thought to bring along the wagon, since I forgot the trusty Phil & Ted's

Ready to roll!
 We got down to business right out of the gate with some face painting. 
 Surprisingly, Sarah chose one of the more demure and less-expensive options.
 Not surprisingly, Will didn't 

 And a Skeletor/Buzz Lightyear hybrid is born!
 We got to do a little trick-or-treating, were creeped out a little by the animatronic singing pumpkin patch, and set out to ride the "Ghost Train". 
The consensus was that the Ghost Train was a little scary, but it was nothing that some chocolate couldn't fix.  
The night ended on a MAJOR sugar-high.  It's always hard to do things after dark with the kiddos, so I don't think we'll go to the Nashville version of the zoo boo.  Sarah was such a trooper, but she was pretty disappointed that we couldn't throw our meteor shower party that same night. 

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