Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Frog Adoption

Last Friday, the fourth-graders were taking the animal studies frogs home to live with them.  Since there were several left over, one of the teachers convinced me to take a few with me.  Maybe it was the pressure of trying to make it back into my children's artwork, or maybe it was the full moon, but I caved and picked out four spry little buggers for my very own.  Teach hooked me up with gravel, food, and little plastic cups to cart our new amphibious friends home in, and I headed to the kids' school anticipating the glory of once again being the Favorite Parent. 

When I got there, I found Sarah, dressed in a Nilla Wafers box and a pipe cleaner headdress, speaking in monotones, something to the effect of, "Greetings, earthling."

My Their frogs were doomed to be overshadowed by a cardboard box.

Still, my junior zoologist and my animal behaviorist were interested in the transfer of frogs from their temporary clear Solo cups (doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?) to their more permanent habitats.

They named their new pets Mike, Will, Sarah, and Julie.  Hmmm...this could get a little confusing.

The frog food was deemed "stinky" and all parties involved were disappointed they can't be taken on walks around the block "on leashes".

My sports-savvy friend Kristen set the over-under on our new pets at a week, but they're tough little critters.  It turns out that they're blind, so they can't see their flake food to eat it, plus, they need a gallon of water per frog to be comfy.  So, they'll starve to death unless they run into their food, and they need more room to roam than the plastic shoebox they're currently inhabiting.  Poor guys.  The plan is to get them some pellet food and a fish-tank cave or two to hide in so they'll be a little happier.

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