Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 I've had puppet shows on the brain lately.  Since our kids love to watch them, I figured they would enjoy making their own and performing as well.  The kid-construction didn't go so well. Time to drop back and punt.

 Then, I saw this tutorial and the plan was in motion.

 Since the Berenstein Bears and the Cat in the Hat are favorites around here, it was perfect.  Over the weekend, I had a little time to draw and paint them. Mike is by far the better artist, so he helped draw in the details.

I really think we captured Brother Bear's butterfly collar masterfully.

 Thing One and Thing Two are my personal faves. I love their blue yarn hair!

Things One, Two, and Three

 The Cat in the Hat went MIA before I could take a picture, but here are Nick, Sally, and the fish.  Compare what I drew (Nick and Sally) to what Mike drew (the fish).  So jealous!  I wish I could draw like that.

 Here's a sampler puppet show for your viewing pleasure:

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