Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We've got itchy trigger-fingers around here.  And by trigger-fingers, I mean pumpkin-carving fingers.

I know it's probably too early to carve (especially with the 80 degree temps around here lately), but we can't help ourselves.  My mom got us about 127 pumpkins, and then we have all of the itsy-bitsy punkins from various and sundry patches in the area.  

The temptation was too much.  We had to do something.  

So, the other day, we carved a lil' ol' traditional Jack-o-lantern, complete with snaggle-teeth.  Here's the thing: I don't use those el cheapo kits you can buy at chain stores and such.  Honestly, I could achieve better accuracy and results chewing through the pumpkin rind.

No, no.  I break out the J.A. Henckels machete and get to work.  This type of equipment requires at least a zone coverage for the littles, so our former neighbor stopped by to ensure safety and the retainder of all limbs and digits.  Also, the leaf piles were turned into a maze from which the children failed to emerge for at least 30 minutes.

So, I carved and the kids watched.  But then, I thought I'd try out the whole hammer-and-a-cookie-cutter thing, and let Sarah have a whack at it.  Literally.

My feelings on this method are lukewarm.  We ruined a cookie cutter (which we never actually use for cookies) and it was kind of hard to do, but the end result was rather pretty.  I'm partial to an organic, imperfectly-carved pumpkin, so I think I'll stick with triangle eyes and snuggle-teeth.

Fast-forward to Sunday afternoon and chilly temps, we knew we needed to get the other 37 pumpkins carved.  Mike drew and distracted children, and I hacked away at the gourds.

Mike's drawings were a touch ambitious, so his artistic vision wasn't altogether realized.

Even so, we like our Halloween decor silly not spooky, so a vampire in need of dental work is right up our alley.  

Fortunately, we had our resident artist hard at work drawing on his green glitter pumpkin.  He gave it "lots and lots of warts."  Sigh.  I'll be sad when Halloween is over, but glad that this guy will no longer be sleeping in a bee costume meant for an infant.

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