Monday, October 8, 2012

Coolest. Dad. Ever.

Last week, just as I was trying to work my way back into my children's good graces, Mike swoops in with a Hail Mary that ended all my hopes of becoming Favorite Parent.  He got us tickets to Disney on Ice.   As in, all of Sarah's and Will's favorite characters in one place, dancing, singing, and, of course, skating. 

Can I get a Yee-haw?!

I'm so impressed that everybody's looking at the camera in these two pictures.

 Of course, when you're an hour early for a Disney event, you have to shell out for some doo-dads. 
 Now, Sarah has a new unicorn named Cory, and Will has Buzz Lightyear #3.  Or Shiny Buzz, whatever floats your boat and doesn't anger the toddler. 

New loot requires some breaking-in, so of course we had to run the toys over EVERY surface in the entire arena.  Just to make sure it's good and germy. 

 Sarah's not as thrilled to be standing next to Keith Urban as I would be, but, oh well.
 Of course, it wouldn't be the Happiest Place on Ice without a little drama.  Our tickets were for the Gaylord box, which spoiled us grownups, but made some divas a little pouty.  She was afraid Jessie wouldn't see her when she waved at her. 

But, a little sustenance was all that was needed to get unicorn, human, and space ranger back in good spirits.

It's pretty obvious who this guy was on the lookout for the whole time, but he was almost as excited to see Mater and the gang, too. 

 We spent a lot of time in the run-up to the show speculating on how Lightning McQueen was going to skate without any legs.  The answer was thrilling.

 Ariel and friends had us dancing in our seats, while Ursula the Sea Witch had us hiding our faces.

The Tinkerbell sequence was kind of a snooze-fest, even for Sarah, and my little man was getting frustrated about how long it was taking for Buzz Lightyear to come out.

The kids used intermission to practice their spaghetti/dead slug mode, and Mike and I brushed up on the football hold. But, after a rough intermission of trying to tell people to wait ten minutes when they can't tell time, it was all rapt attention.

Toy Story!

Jessie and Bullseye!

 This guy stole the show for us, though.

Does it get any better than Mickey and the Gang and the Toy Story bunch?
 Mike and I have decided that we are now too spoiled to go back to general seating at the arena.  Just to let you know what a good time Sarah had, she thanked Mike, unbidden, as the lights came up.  And, just to prove that we still know how to party, Will peed off the 2nd level of the parking garage.  

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