Monday, October 15, 2012

Down on the Farm

I have a confession: our kids are 2 and 4, and we'd never taken them to a pumpkin patch until today.  Up until now, they thought Home Depot was a pumpkin farm.

I'm proud to say that, thanks to my friend Kathleen, we rectified the situation and took the kids out for a morning at Gentry's Farm.  Yeah, it was just us and the entire population of Davidson and Willamson Counties.
This is what we found upon entering:

 There were a few great set-ups for photo ops.

 None of which panned out perfectly.

 Then it was on to the Munchkin Corn Maze.

It turns out, this maze is constructed out of sorghum, so it's not so scary for the wee ones.  Or something.

A picture of Mike taking a picture of kids.

 This maze was tough.  It felt like an episode of Survivor: there were alliances formed, secret pacts, and I almost got voted off the island for poor snack-procurement skills (and stinginess). 
 After one mid-maze potty break (don't worry, we bring our own potty with us), and a close call with another potty-related incident, we glommed onto a family that knew the way out, and we were free!
 We felt reasonably sure that we could find our way out of the miniature log cabin, so we checked out the digs. Will celebrated his freedom by turning the butter churn into bongos.
 And hanging out in the teepee.

Pretty girl

 A little light housework was in order.

 And then it was off to test our skills at the beanbag toss.
Check out that form.
And it's good!
 Next up, we met up with our friends.

Silly, sweet girls.
Then we had to do a lap of the activity area to get the lay of the land.  Some sliding was in order.

As was some tire swinging.

 The "Crazy Maze" gave us yet another opportunity to get lost.
 And to do some more sliding.
 Sis braved the Mole Hole, but Little Bro preferred to wait anxiously at the other end for her safe exit.
Wringing of hands
 Next, we had to try our hands at rolling an ENORMOUS bale of hay.  Not a whole lot of progress on that one.

 Switching gears, we headed out to play in troughs of dried corn, chase chickens, and ride tractors a tad bit too small.

I love Will.  Will loves his blue cotton candy lollipop.

 I felt a certain kinship with this guy for football-related reasons, but he turned out to be a bit camera-shy.
 The girls were unimpressed with the mules, since they couldn't pet them, so, next up, it was the hayride.
Here are the three hayriders ready for action.

                                          Mike got some nice shots of the scenery on the farm:

 But the new baby calves were the biggest draw for our peeps.  I don't know if the four-legged friends appreciated all the mooing aimed their way as we rode by.

 It was a hard day's work on the farm.

People may or may not have been sleepy, and may or may not have passed out in the car on the way home.  One thing's for sure: you never accuse a toddler of the heinous crime of being ready for a nap.

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