Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Decorating

Around here, we like to get the Halloween decorating started early.  That's fine for the witch legs, a mummified door, and monster wreaths, but when it comes to pumpkin-carving, even we know you have to wait unless you want all of your hard work to rot before the big night.

But, actually this perceived challenge presents an opportunity for engaging in a more kid-friendly version of pumpkin decorating: painting.

We were inspired by these bat pumpkins and this Hello Kitty pumpkin.  However, I let the kids do all the work, so they didn't turn out exactly the same.

 Googly-eyes and Sharpies were our weapons of choice, as was the glue gun.

"This is where the wings go."


 Will cut the bat fangs, wings, and ears all by himself.  The only thing more exciting than glitter is getting to use the scissors, and I'm proud to say that each of us managed to retain all ten digits throughout the process.
 My favorite features of Sarah's Hello Kitty are the rainbow eyelashes and the pig nose with whiskers.
 Will mistook Hello Kitty's witch hat for a birthday hat, and decided his bat needed a birthday hat too. 
 I guess it is kind of confusing, since Mike's birthday is on Halloween. 

Maybe these pumpkins aren't perfectly Pinterest-worthy, but I think they turned out even better than the perfect grownup-made pumpkins.  Plus, my guys are so proud of our new decorations, they can't wait to make more!

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