Monday, November 18, 2013

Turkey Photo Booth Swag 2.0

We've got 9 days to go until one of my favorite holidays of the season.
Last year around this time, I was contemplating my contribution to the family Thanksgiving festivities in the form of silly photo props.  

This year, with a baby on the way and school winding down, I'm mulling over just how many naps I can take in five days. 

We're staying local for the big day, but I still wanted to get some fun pictures with beaks and wattles.  But, when I was pulling out the swag from last year, I noticed it looked a little worse for the wear.  

What to do?

Make some more!

And, when I remade the templates, I added in some more fun stuff.  
So, the new swag also includes a turkey drumstick, pilgrim collar, 
and Native American headdress.   

Just click on the links below the pictures to print them, and enjoy!

Your materials can be pretty much anything you have on hand.  I used felt and foam for the props themselves, and bamboo skewers for the sticks.  If you have cardstock, that would work just fine for the hats, beaks, and accessories, while paper straws might be cute for the sticks.

1. Just cut these little templates out,

2. Trace them onto cardstock, felt, or foam:

3. Cut, 

4. Hot glue,
5. and get silly!

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