Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seuss-tastic Roundup

I knew I had a thing for Dr. Seuss, but I didn't realize just how deep and wide it ran
 until I started looking back at Seuss-related posts on the blog.  

My craft stick puppets have been getting some hits from Pinterest because Read Me Week is nigh upon us, but I think that Pin is a dead end.  So, I've rounded up all of the posts 
in one handy place for my own convenience and that of others.

So, go ahead and peruse such classics as Thing 1 and Thing 2 puppets,

 and the luscious Technicolor multisensory rainbow rice.

Perhaps Barbaloots and Truffula trees are more your speed?  I've got you covered 
with some yummy-for-the-tummy-and-eyes craftivities celebrating the Lorax.

Also, check out the edited craft stick puppets 

With a few new additions:

and even a Sneetch and the Lorax:
The hands-down favorite for my kids was (and still is) the fun-in-a-box 
 which combines all the fun of Seuss characters into one big, messy, hands-on experience.

Whether Read Me Week is a thing in your world, or you're just trying to survive 
this interminable winter with your sanity intact, 
maybe some of these can help you along in your quest, whatever it may be!

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