Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dragon Boats

We spent this past glorious Saturday attempting to be tourists in our hometown.  The plan was to hit a puppet show, the Dragon Boat Festival, lunch, and landmarks downtown.  Cranky short people and a scatterbrained mama prevented us from doing three-quarters of the planned activities, but we still had a blast. 

The last time we went to the Dragon Boat Festival, Mike was rowing in it with his rugby team and I was pregs with Will.  I remember spending a lot of time making sure Curly-top didn't fall into the Cumberland or run after the 5 million dogs that attended the festivities. 

This year, we were all spectators, so we had man-to-man coverage and an extra pair of shoulders to sit on. 

We put our Batman ears up when we turned around to this view:

Unintentional shadow family portrait.

So many people out enjoying a jewel of a day!
This time, I didn't have to worry about my girl falling in.

The critters were less impressed with the boats than the snack selection.  Sno-cones and pretzels held meltdowns at bay.

But, we did have a rather heated debate about whether or not Will had a blue nose.  I present Exhibit A.  The prosecution rests its case.
Will REFUSES to look at the camera, so here are some lame attempts to capture all three of my favorite people on film.


Soon, the peeps were refreshed and back in action, ready for sliding down the riverbank.

They progressed into rolling down the hill.  Straight into people's tents. 

We brushed off the grass and went off to craft some paper dragons.  Some of us (ahem) posed with the prop dragon boat.  Others of us were getting tired and cranky.

We couldn't make it to the puppet show or take pictures in front of Grumpy's (for my dad, their Grumps), but we did get in some good ol' mandatory family fun.

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