Monday, June 25, 2012

Walking on Cloud Dough

Here's another one of those activities that I pinned, tried, and loved. 

During Potty Training Boot Camp, I cleaned out the winter "busy box" and scooped 16 cups of flour (left over from an unfortunate bread-making phase I went through a year or two ago) into it.  Then, after my kids spent a leisurely morning removing all of the couch cushions and playing leapfrog on them, we decided to take the demolition outside.

I poured 2 cups of baby oil on the flour and let the little guys go to town. 

Mmm, cupcakes.

Dig in.

This stuff makes pretty good sand castles.  I saw online that somebody let their kid use a bundt cake pan, but I don't own one of those.  At least I don't think I do.  People must have known better than to even bother to give us one for our wedding. 

Ah, perfection.

Demolition is the best part.

Oddly enough, two drink umbrellas were the preferred toys of the morning.

Paper Papa even got in on the fun.

This cloud dough stuff was great, and the kids played with it for quite awhile with minimal fighting.  But, I might as well have just given them plain flour, because this was MESSY.  It didn't look that messy when other kids did it.  Maybe it's just mine.  Or maybe my mixture was a little off because I had to use a quarter-cup measuring cup to measure my 16 CUPS of flour.  Or maybe I lost count because I had to put some people in Time Out during the measuring.  Whatever.  This is why I don't bake.

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