Thursday, June 21, 2012

Roaming Gnomes Flat-Stanley Style

We have family all over the place.  Of course, we don't live any closer than a three-hour drive to ANY of them, so holidays and vacays are usually spent visiting kin (yeah, I'm Nash-vegas like that).

With in-laws in Miami, Orlando, Daytona, and the uber-exotic South Bend, Indiana, it's no wonder we like to go visiting.  But, this summer we can't.  So, we're going to approach this challenge as an opportunity to capitalize on two things my kids can't get enough of: pictures of themselves, and receiving letters in the mail.

I got the idea from the Delia Creates blog and immediately knew we had to do it too.  I mean, come on, my brother-in-law is an English teacher in South Korea (awesome, right?), and my brother is training at West Point this summer.  Also, the kids had some good friends move out of state recently, so I thought this project could give my chilluns some perspective on the situation. 

So, here's the letter that we're sending out to our peeps:

Dear family and friends,

Mommy is always threatening to do it, and she finally did!  She put us in the mail to YOU! 

Since we can’t visit you in person this summer, we thought you could take the Roaming Gnome versions of us along on any adventures you might have, and then take a picture of us (and you).  Take us to the beach, to lunch, on a camp-out, or just hanging out at home, and then hold us up and snap away!  If you’re in a location with a famous landmark, take a picture of us in front of it.  Once you get your pictures with us Flat Stanley-style, snail-mail or email us a copy, along with a little note about what’s going on in your world. 

We love to learn about new places, and we’re going to mark it on a map when we get your letters back!

We’ve kicked off the fun with an example, so check it out.

Now, it’s YOUR turn!


Sarah and Will

Here’s Mommy’s email:

And here's one of our examples, with our very own Roaming Papa (Mike's dad):

Ahh...there's nothing like cloud dough and a drink umbrella to relax you.

And here are the cuties that are going out to friends and family to pose with in front of monuments and such:

Here's Flat Papa in front of the Nasvhille Parthenon:

And here we have Flat Sarah and Flat Will at the Parthenon:

Real Sarah and Will wanted to get in on the fun!

So, if you get two little roaming gnomes in the mail, please send us a picture and a little note back.


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  1. They really love carnivorous anaimals feeding. "Best day ever," according to Sarah was when they say a dead turtle. Hope this may also I've you great ideas.