Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day Interview

I think those questionnaires they do at preschool, asking little kids basic questions about one or both of their parents are hilarious.  But, since my kids (much to their chagrin) aren't doing the school thing this summer, I thought I could do my own for Mike for Father's Day.  It's also nice since it fits into my budget.

Sarah's up first.  I thought she'd deliver with some real zingers, but she plays it straight.  I will say that Mike is pretty advanced for his age, according to Sarah. 

 Here are the questions and her answers:

1.  How old is Daddy?       4

2.  What is Daddy's favorite sport to play?   Tennis

3.  What is Daddy's favorite food?  Mac & Cheese

4.  How strong is Daddy?  Super strong. He could lift a bus.  But not our house.

5.  Where does Daddy work?  At the office.

6.  What is Daddy's favorite TV show?  Survivorman or Superman

7.  What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?  Jessie (from Toy Story) and Tag

8.  How tall is Daddy? Gestures (I'm starting to lose her here.)

9.  What do you like best about Daddy?  Piping hot porridge.

10.  What's Daddy's first name?  Michael Brown.  Mommy, you call him, "Miguel."

11.  What should we serve him for breakfast in bed?  Cookies and milk.  Maybe you should bring me breakfast in my bed.

There's my little diva.

Will's up tomorrow, as long as we can ransom his video from the camera.

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