Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stoop Painting

Here's another pinned-it-tried-it beauty.

Around our house, when the kids want to paint, I try to get them to paint part of the house or patio with water.  This has been working quite well until lately they're getting all "we know our rights" and demanding "real" paint.  You know, with color in it.  Humph.

So I mixed up a batch of this stuff found here and poured it into muffin tins (since I'm sure not going to bake anything in them).

We tried painting the blacktop on our driveway, but it didn't work so well.  There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood, and Mike doesn't want anything harsher than a chamois cloth to touch our new patio and walkway, so I squeezed my budding artists onto our old concrete stoop (are people in the south allowed to use that word?) and told them to have at it.

Yummy colors

Of course, Will had to paint his feet.  There's a theme here.

Sarah's handiwork

Don't tell me you can't see S-A-R-A-H in there.  I am so proud of that girl and her writing.

Will's handiwork

Thank you, thank you.

Take a bow. 

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