Friday, June 8, 2012

Big band, mink, and Chewbacca

... I think that 10 minutes of Hatfields and McCoys they saw really made an impression.

Last night, I went downstairs to check the lasagna and call my mom, and I came back to find this:

They were shouting about "band guys" and "big band wolves" (who dragged Duke Ellington into this?).

They've got me in the crosshairs

The classic triple-barreled marshmallow gun.

"Band guy or wolf?"
After we called a cease fire for bath time, Mike came home and pulled out the furs that my mother-in-law sent.  I've been too creeped out by them to touch them, so of course Mike draped our children in mink pelts with the heads, tails, and feet still on. Will thought the mink made him look like Chewbacca.

I think he looks like Meriwether Lewis. Or Clark. 

 Nobody from PEETA (not the poor sap from the Hunger Games) PETA needs to throw red paint on us or anything.  These furs are probably 60 years old, and I'm already thinking of refashioning a couple of pieces.  If I can bring myself to touch them.

Sarah liked the fancy stole better.  Of course.

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