Monday, April 29, 2013

Tiny Clothes

Since Sarah and Will got Bitty Twins and an American Girl doll for Christmas, I've been chomping at the bit to make them some doll clothes and accessories to go with them. 

But, except for the Valentine's Day outfits, I haven't done anything.

Until now. 

Since I made the kids their superhero swag, they've been begging me for some Batman/Batgirl gear.  This weekend, I obliged.

 For the dress, I used the Lil' Sally doll dress pattern, found here.  The pattern is a really quick sew, and you can do some fabric stash-busting while you're at it.  Plus, I have the little girl dress pattern, so little mommies and dollies can match! 
The little t-shirt pattern is found here, and I have a doll's Twirl Skirt in the works.  Now, I'd better get to work on capes and masks for these dolls.  We wouldn't want anybody to guess their true identities...

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