Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Found Nemo... the dentist's office.  His sister lives there, too, in case you were wondering. 

 Is it just me, or does every single dental office have a giant tropical fish tank?  When you get your license to practice dentistry, do they stipulate that you must maintain a magnificent aquarium as well? The dentist I went to as a child had this awesome tank that you could view from the waiting room and also from inside this little cave-thing.  I remember trying to hide out in that cave, thinking my mom or the nurses would forget about my appointment. 

Anyway, I digress.  

The kids just had their first dental checkups this week, and nobody was nervous except for me.  I decided to launch a surprise attack on them, giving them no notice as to what we were doing, forgoing any preparatory readings of The Berenstein Bears Go to the Dentist, or Clifford Has a Toothache. 

Not to worry.  They didn't need any prep. 

Sarah rose to the occasion with her usual aplomb, smiling and following directions superbly. 
Dress is on backwards because she thinks it looks better that way.
 It was a really good thing she wasn't scared, because Will is apparently working on a Zagat survey of every public or private bathroom in the state of Tennessee, so we spent some time checking out the facilities.  And rolling on the floor. 

Their appointments were on separate days, so Will got to go to the treasure chest without walking the plank first.   Mike had the pleasure of taking Will for his check-up on Monday, and, as I left them that morning to go do job-hunt stuff, I might have giggled to myself and muttered, "Sucka!" under my breath. 

See, Will launches into bobcat-mode for a haircut, so we figured he would go full-on berserk-o when people started messing with his mouth.  Mike and I actually had a bet as to how many times Will would hiss at the dental hygienist, and if he would bite someone.

As you can see, both of us lost.

Cool, calm, and collected.

Thank goodness for Googly-eye, the flying squirrel.
Will's only complaint of the day: "I don't like that Banilla toothpaste."  
So, there you have it.  Now they're asking when they get to go back to see Nemo and Nem-ette.

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