Friday, April 19, 2013

Of Superheroes and Sidekicks

We go to the main library downtown every week.  And every week we look for the Batman building.  It's really the AT&T building, but with the two enormous antennae sticking up from the top of it, it looks just like Batman's silhouette.  

We are convinced the Dark Knight lives here.
On our trip down there the other day, I thanked the kids for being so patient that morning as we ran errands.

 "Thanks for being such good sidekicks, guys!"

"What's a sidekick, Mommy?" asked Sarah.
"A sidekick is like a helper superhero.  Like Robin is to Batman."
 "I'm Batman," lisps an eerily Dark Knight-ish, utterly confident, 3-year-old voice from the back seat.

"And I'm Batgirl!"

"So, what does that make Mommy?"
"You're Robin.  I'm Batman."  
Life is like handing your kid the camera: you never know what you're gonna get.   
And, there you have it: my inspiration for some new duds.  Some moms think of coordinating outfits in gingham and plaid.  I coordinate outfits by superheroes and sidekicks.  If I'm going to be Robin, it had better be the Chris O'Donnell version of Robin.  I'm just sayin'.   

Here we are, ready to fight crime and eat snacks.  Maybe fight crime WHILST eating snacks.

The truly insane part of all of this?  I'm making AG/BB doll outfits for Sarah Jr., Will Jr., and Violet, complete with superhero masks.  Maybe I need a new hobby...

On a somewhat related note, THIS is the sight Mike and I woke up to the other morning:

At least we can sleep easy, knowing that Batgirl is looking out for us.
Happy Friday, y'all!

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