Monday, April 8, 2013

Salsa Garden

Over the weekend, we savored the beautiful weather, and finally, finally, finally got to plant our garden.  Last year's grand plans of harvesting and canning late into the year fell flat, so this year, we're keeping expectations low.  We're sticking to veggies we know with the goal of making two things from our harvest: BLT's and salsa.  Mostly salsa. 

Even so, a couple of weeks ago, I let the littles pick out a packet of seeds each so we could test out the "seedlings-planted-in-icecream-cones" pin. 

It was a good idea, but I couldn't tell you if it was a great way to start seedlings.
Will was mostly interested in eating the cones, not planting in them.  Once we did get the little seeds "down for their naps", we put them up in a high, sunny windowsill.  
And I forgot to water them. 
For three weeks.

I think Mike planted them anyway, but I don't have great expectations for our ability to grow anything from seeds.

Our garden consists of 3 large raised beds for onions, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and anything else that might strike our fancy.  

We buy mostly seedlings, since we've had the most luck with them in the past. 
One thing we NEED to figure out this year is how to keep the birds and rodents from using our garden like their own personal Shoney's all-you-can-eat salad bar.

Seriously, the birds and chipmunks always beat us to the punch on the strawberries, peaches, and raspberries. 
On the bright side, we keep finding new little strawberry and tomato seedlings cropping up all throughout the yard.
This next weekend we're planting the herb garden and getting a patch ready for the kids' rock/flower/pumpkin garden.  They spent today putting together their rock collections, so they are chomping at the bit.
All right, I have to get back to the job search and looking up DIY mole removal and chipmunk repellents.  Try not to be jealous of all this excitement.

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