Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure!

Parenting is an adventure, so I thought today you might want to choose your own, even if you don't have any two-legged children running around your house.

Your child's Lego airplane/racecar that he/she has painstakingly constructed over the course of 15 blissfully-quiet minutes falls into a poopy toilet (it's easier if you don't try to use any common sense or logic with this.  Just go with it).  Amidst the cries, wails, and hysterics, do you:

A.   Give it up for lost and flush it down the toilet, fingers-crossed that it doesn't stop     anything up.

B.  Don a HAZMAT suit and grab the salad tongs to fish it out of the toilet and throw it away.

C.  Pretend like you suddenly don't understand English (and whining and hysterics) and go about your business as usual.

D.  Sigh, and grab it out barehanded, adding it to the other Lego creations bathing in the bleach solution in the basement sink.  

Mike's go-to choice since high school has been C, and it hasn't failed him yet, so that's what he went with.  I mean, when the numbers are with you, why fight it?

I went with choice D.  Because I'm the mom and I don't have a choice.  Or a HAZMAT suit.  

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