Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day and a Momentous Occasion

Today, our littlest soldier would like to salute military veterans and heroes past and present.

  My brother got Sarah and Will these VCU's? (ACLU's? IOU's?) I forgot the acronym.  Anyway, my brother got this uniform for Sarah and Will about 3 years ago, and today seemed like the perfect occasion to try them on.  By the way, this getup is a pimped-out mini-version of the real deal.  She has her name on it, some patches, and I think she outranks my brother.

 In case you're wondering, teddy bears are NOT standard issue in the army, unless you're part of the elite preschool battalion known as the Little Rascals. 
 Oh, and why is this a momentous occasion?  Sarah is wearing pants.  For the first time in 2 years.  And she's SMILING about it.

 I'm pretty sure this qualifies as conduct unbecoming an officer.  Probably won't get a court martial, but I'm thinking she'll be cleaning latrines and doing pushups for it.

Detail of the uniform
 Does anyone know why the flag is backwards?

Meanwhile, little brother wanted to get in on the dress-up action too, but he refused to wear the uniform.  Apparently, he's part of the fabled black ops Bumblebee Brigade. 
Naturally, our man specializes in demolitions.

We also got a little crafty for the occasion as well, taking inspiration from the paper marigolds we made for Dia de los Muertos, and turning them into red poppies, the international symbol for Remembrance Day.  

Hooray for pipecleaners, tissue paper, and buttons!

Sorry for the crummy pictures of our poppy-making.  The situation began to deteriorate and Mike and I found ourselves surrounded by hostile indigenous personnel.  

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