Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Funk

All of us over here at the House of Brown have been in something of a funk lately.  The funk has manifested itself in various ways: enforcing mandatory fun (which is never fun), emotional withdrawal, or, in Will's case, all-out demonic possession.  

After a tense weekend involving a fair amount of bribery and a WHOLE lot of time-outs, we headed out in the front yard to burn some daylight and get some fresh air.  And... we stumbled upon the cure for the funk:

Pool noodles and superhero capes.

So, do you need a cure for the funk? Put on a superhero cape, grab a pool noodle, and whack your dad in the kneecaps with it.  Over, and over, and over again. 

 Definition of a Super Dad: somebody who will take a beating for the mental health of his family.

In times of uncertainty and chaos, one man stands for justice.  And pool noodles.

Defenders of the neighborhood
I'm a big fan of this game (which we've been playing for 2 nights running), mostly because my character is named (undeservedly) "Super Mommy".  Also, my role is getting the heroes to huddle-up, make a plan, and then yell, "CHARGE!" as they blitz Mike (the Monster).  

At least for a little while Sunday night, a family game of running around, hollering, and smacking each other with foam, we let loose and had actual fun, instead of mandatory fun.

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