Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ramble On

I wrote this mildly interesting recap of the past week in my head, but I wasn't ever around a computer when inspiration struck.  Plus, the munchkins have commandeered any and all writing instruments and paper for themselves, so I'm stuck with a Sharpie and old paint samples. 

So, you're stuck with this rambly thing.

I enjoyed a leisurely day off Tuesday eating bon-bons and watching TLC doing a mad dash around the house trying to get 3 people packed, cleaning toilets, and doing laundry.  Also, I had to hit the grocery for Mike since he stayed here.  Do you want to know what his list was, you know, to get him through until Friday?
  • Lettuce
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Beer
 Wild times were going to be had while we were in Memphis, I could tell.

Anyway,  after I dragged the two cranky young ones to story time on Wednesday, we hopped on the highway and pointed the trusty steed Westward.  I had to threaten them with roadside Time Outs and I-will-turn-this-car-around-if-you-don't-stop-waking-your-brother-up, but in the end they both napped until we arrived in Memphis and I got to listen to whatever I wanted on the radio.

Thursday was pretty low-key.  We did some hanging around at the park with Grumps until naptime.

Alas, I have absolutely no cool pictures of family members in turkey wattles or pilgrim garb because I forgot the props.  Next year.

An interesting thing happened this year, though.  I have turned into a hard-core Black Friday shopper.  Out of the house at 6 am, I had hit 4 stores before 9 o'clock.  It's too bad that now all the mayhem happens Thanksgiving night.  No catfights over Furby or HALO 11 for me. 

I did get this Pinterest-inspired shot of my parents' dog Moose. 

My dad took us girls out to see Annie on Friday night, so sis and I wore our red dresses as a nod to the heroine's signature look. 

We're all about culture.
Saturday morning was the perfect time to hit the Enchanted Forest at the Pink Palace.  Now, my generation of Memphians probably remembers these animatronic critters from the basement of the downtown Goldsmith's, but deforestation forced the animals to move out East.  Will was scared of most of the exhibit, but Sarah enjoyed it, as you can tell from the frightened look on her face in the picture below. 

After we sat on Santa's lap and gave him a hug (!), it was time to head back to see what damage Daddy had done while we were away.  True to his word, he had the big Christmas tree all set up, along with two little bitty trees for the kids to decorate.

Little Sarah Lou Who, who was a bit more than two.
Apparently, candy canes make superb reindeer antlers/Who antennae.

Mike's provisions held out, and he even restocked on the beer.  Good thing, too, because the next day, we decorated the tree.  As a family.  But that's a whole other post.

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