Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween: I'm Over It

Thanks, Halloween, for being the gift that keeps on giving.  Sugar highs give way to sugar crashes.  Being out after dark leads to sleep deprivation that snowballs into the perfect storm of meltdowns and tantrums.

Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween.  But this mid-week nonsense has left us all with a SERIOUS case of TGIF.

The big day started out bright and sunny.  Those fake monster teeth were a big hit with the kiddos.

Mike had the day off, so he decided to wear the Brown family Winnie the Pooh suit to drop off the kids at school, frightening  delighting young children throughout the halls of learning.  

Will wore the bee costume, a rather snug size 18 months, and Sarah was a donut with some bite to it.

Since I was at work until 4:00, Mike got the kids ready for the neighborhood Halloween parade.  Will went as Buzz Lightyear, but Sarah went through another wardrobe change and emerged as 
Princess Tiana. I called it, didn't I? I can't be too upset, because the Jessie costume got a whole lot of wear, and it wasn't a whole lot of work to make.
Who could refuse this face?
The trick-or-treaters were undaunted by the cold weather, but the parents secretly hoped that they'd forget about going out after an all-too-brief dinner break.

Will went up to a grand total of 4 houses, and then parked himself in the wagon, from whence he staunchly refused to move.  The girls proved their stamina and hit all of the houses on our end of the street, coming away with a good haul.  

We had a great time, but I'm glad to be on the other side of this holiday.  Only 362 days left to figure out our costumes for next year...


  1. Those teeth are too funny! They go oddly well with the adorable donut costume.
    I agree though...Halloween is much more fun when it isn't in the middle of the week.

    1. Thanks, Cerise! Honestly, I think last year's Monday Halloween was easier to deal with than this one. Looking forward to next year!