Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Let's be honest: I'm not my family's go-to gal for great side-items or delicious desserts (thank goodness for my sister-in-law and niece).  But, when you want a drink mixed or an activity to keep the kids busy,  I might be of some use.

So, I'm heading to the feast armed with some board games and Thanksgiving-themed photo props.  Here's the deal: my immediate family is photographically awkward on a genetic level.  Looking through photo albums, you might think that we are a family of amputees or we move at the speed of light, but it's just that my dad likes action shots and whoever else takes pictures usually does so while not looking through the lens. My mom is notoriously camera-shy and every shot of my brother looks like an outtake from a police lineup.

My hope is that putting a turkey waddle in front of their faces or wearing a pilgrim hat might make them come out of their shells a little bit.  Also, I really want to get all 5 dogs in turkey costume.  I digress.

Here's a little preview of the photo props I assembled for the big day (pinned here).

 I still have a Native American headdress and a mustache to complete the props.    Anyhoo, we'll see who comes out of his/her shell when hidden under a pilgrim bonnet.

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  1. Found your blog through Pinterest and think these photo props are so cute!
    A fun idea I will have to use this year! Thanks!