Friday, August 10, 2012

Treehouses Revisited

Right before summer started, I had a post about the treehouses on exhibit at Cheekwood for the summer.  The first time we saw them, the architects were still putting the finishing touches on, so there was only one that was ready for us to play in.

All summer, we planned on going back.  But... we waited.  And procrastinated.  And we kept choosing to cool off in the pool over tromping around in the heat. 

But, August showed up and back-to-school time loomed just ahead, so we finally went.  This time we packed a lunch AND met up with friends, making our trip doubly exciting. 

Each of the houses is designed based on a classic piece of literature.

The Rainbow Fish treehouse is my favorite.

The "scales" are thousands of old cd's zip-tied to the frame.  Being inside there with the light shining through was like being in a tunnel of stained glass.

Why can't I just get a normal smile from my kids once in a while?

I was looking through photos the other day, and there are almost no recent pictures of me and either of the kids.  So, I chose to take a picture with Will after traipsing around in 90 degree heat with no makeup on. 

Oh, well, I still think those pictures are keepers.

I don't remember the book on which this next one is based, but it was a favorite.  We just called it the "Giant Ball o' Yarn".

The main attraction for my little guys was the pond and the tadpoles inhabiting said pond. 

Rock-throwing was the preferred sport, barely edging out trying-to-find-a-way-to-fall-in-the-water.

I know I said Rainbow Fish was my favorite, but maybe it was a tie with this one.  Those colors need to get in my house.
This one is based on The Giver, but, having never read the book, I couldn't tell you why. 

All of the kids had lots of fun on the Jolly Roger, trying out their best pirate accents.  By the way, my pirate accent sounds like a jumble of Russian, German, and Australian accents.

Fun was had by all, and now we can cross another activity off our summer bucket list.  Too bad my summer reading list just got longer.

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