Monday, August 27, 2012

I Speak for the Trees...

Can you believe I'd never read The Lorax until about six months ago?  Well, we checked it out from the library, and it quickly became a favorite around here. 

So, of course when it came out in theaters, it was on our list of must-see movies to rent.

Lo and behold, we finally rented it and hyped up a movie night for last night.  Everybody was super-excited, poised and ready.

And the cable/Internet went out.

No Lorax.

Sarah and Will went with the flow, though, and we watched it yesterday.

The Bar-ba-loots are my personal favorite, and not just because "bar-ba-loot" is one of the frothiest words ever created. 

I saw some marshmallow and chocolate Teddy Grahams Bar-ba-loot snacks on Pinterest, so we noshed on those.  Bar-ba-loots Chocolate Teddy Grahams are dangerously addictive.

 In the spirit of beating a dead horse, the little guys colored some Loraxes,

 and painted Truffula trees.

 I loved this cloud activity from this blog, but thought my peeps might not be satisfied with just using white paint.  So, we added food coloring to our glue-and-shaving-cream mixture, and came up with a rainbow of colors, just like the Truffula fluff.

Sarah made stars:

Will made mountains and Bar-ba-loots:

I contributed with a rainbow.  
You can't tell from these pictures, but the "paint" is dimensional and dries with little peaks and rivets in it.  Now Daddy has some "art of works" (Sarah-ism) to spruce up his office.

The movie made such an impression on Sarah that she asked to walk to choir practice last night, so we wouldn't "make dirty air". 


  1. Will you please adopt me? Y'all have so much fun! Love the art of works!

    1. Ha! It's too bad we don't live closer to each other, Soss, we could really get into some crafty trouble.