Friday, August 3, 2012

Lemonade Stand

Tuesday marked the soft opening of Sarah Brown's Lemony-Lemonade Stand.  Our go-to-market strategy was pretty simple: whip up more lemonade and brownies than we could possibly ever need, park our stand at the end of the driveway, put the word out there on FB, and then proceed to drink and eat all of the product ourselves. 

I had originally planned to hit up Sevier Park right at the time the farmers' market was in full swing, but just getting the stuff to the end of the driveway was such a pain that I'm glad we kept it close to home. 

Over in the "Taking a Theme Too Far" category, I made Sarah a dress to match the stand.  I still want to make Will a lemonade-selling shirt, but I don't think sales is really in his blood.  He's all demolition.

I'm pretty proud of the stand itself because it was my first foray into hinges and casters.  We (my friend Kristen and I) just stood two of those crates from Michael's up vertically, hinged them together down the long side, put some casters on the bottom, and voila!

I still need some poles and a crossbar on the top for signage, and to possibly allow this to transform into a puppet theater as well.

Sarah showcased her new "fast moves", and we had "Beat It" on repeat.

I think pricing and location were major issues, but since this stand is on wheels and my little Scrooge McDuck has since learned what $10 really looks like, we are moving forward with confidence.  We are working on signage, but this week has me a little behind on projects. 

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