Monday, July 30, 2012


There are perks to having a gadget-geek husband: cardboard.

Mike recently bought speakers that are bigger than our children.  He planted them in the den in an effort, apparently, to rid our house of all of its windows.  Even I know that electronics are getting smaller all the time, so I figured these speakers were circa 1992 or something.  They weren't.

But, they gave us a LOT of material to work with in terms of cardboard.  We have a puppet theater in the works, as well as a shadow puppet theater, an airplane, and some pizzas.

First up, was the Viking ship.

Okay, so this is the one on Pinterest.

And here's mine:

Not EXACTLY the same, but what mine lacks in style and flawless details, it makes up for in versatility.  So far, the boat has doubled as a tent, hideout, airplane, toy box, car garage, and, most recently, a pond for Snakey and Stripes.

Oh, and Spider Man was in the mood to go shopping, so the boat also made a great check-out counter at the grocery store.

I did enjoy making the Viking helmets, but Will was less than enthusiastic about wearing his.

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