Monday, July 2, 2012

Superhero Shirts

Ok, we only have two days until July 4th, and five days until Sarah's party.  Cue the panic attack.

The good thing is that I got the kids' red-white-and-blue shirts made in plenty of time for the festivities. 

Whenever I think of things that are uniquely American, of course I think of apple pie, baseball, and all of that jazz.  Maybe it was because I had the Avengers movie on the brain (hello, Captain America), or maybe it's because Sarah and Will are into all manner of caped crusaders, but I think the modern superhero is another very American thing.  I know, we didn't invent the superhero, but we sure did take the concept and run with it.

So, I thought superhero shirts for the kids were in order:

This is how our family does match-matchy.

The rocket ship appliques are from here.

Somebody has her sassy pants on.

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  1. Oh, Julie these are wonderful! Happy Bithday party and the 4th! Xoxoxoxox