Monday, March 19, 2012

Letter People

Will is the artiste of the two kids. Maybe it’s because he’s a lefty. All I know is that no writing instrument is safe around him. We have to hide the highlighters, squirrel away pens, and confiscate dry-erase markers because no surface is safe from his graffiti.

Sarah, on the other hand, has been our dancer from Day 1. She never really got into coloring the way some other kids do, and that has been fine with us. But now we’re working on letters and writing, so we’ve got to make it appealing for our little performer. My bad habit of writing grocery lists on my hands caught up to me this weekend, and she wanted to write her name on her hands. I don’t care if she wants to write across my forehead, as long as she’s writing, so I got the Sharpie out and we went to work. Here are the results:

She was so proud. It was a win-win, too, because we are out of temporary tattoos over here.

**Update: She brought THIS home from school yesterday!

Look closely and you can see where she wrote her name. We decided such an accomplishment should be displayed in a place of honor, so she taped it to the den wall above our couch herself.

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