Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hollow Leg

Honestly, I don’t know how this kid does it. He eats. And eats. And eats. Breakfast is Will’s favorite meal of the day, so he works on his own waffle, then he moves on to polish off Mike’s oatmeal, and then he’ll share some scrambled eggs with me.

Three Breakfasts

At an age when most toddlers’ appetites are tapering off, Will’s is chugging steadily along, gobbling up (almost) everything in its path.

Thankfully, he didn’t start out enormous. At just under 8 lbs. at birth, there was nothing to indicate that he would end up as such a hippopotamus. Will is still not what anyone would call fat, but once you pick him up, the words “solid”, “dense”, and “chiropractor” all come to mind.

Our perspective is skewed, though, because big sister is such a bird. Not skinny, but athletic and light, with an appetite to match.

Will is a scavenger, too. He’ll eat a cracker of unknown origin off the floor at the library, a petrified piece of cheese left in the play kitchen, or the last of Sarah’s melted ice cream

It just tastes that much better when you steal it.

Maybe we should try to get him his own “Toddler vs. Wild” series…

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  1. Woohoo, Will, just wait, you are Sarah' protector and size will scare off those prosuitors of sissie in the years to come. You are one handsome little, I mean big guy! Love, hugs and sweet kisses, Nana