Sunday, March 24, 2013

Coral Wall Art

Ever since Liberace Santa installed himself in our den, Mike thinks he's DaVinci or something. It's time he was taken down a notch or two.  It is with great pride that I give you...

A Study in Coral


When the kids are away, the mice will paint. 

Actually, Liberace Santa was an eye-opener to both of us that we didn't have to settle for buying the junk artwork out there, that was either to expensive or not our taste.  Nope, now we can make some ourselves that costs less and is in exactly the colors and scale that we need.  And cheap?  Of course.  This whole project cost about $20. 

So, now that our decor is ready for summer, we're supposed to get snow flurries tomorrow.  
Great.  Where is Spring?

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