Friday, March 1, 2013

Bird Jell-0

We've had this bird seed sitting around in our kitchen for a year.  Just sitting there, because a.)Will hates birds, so I felt kind of bad attracting them to our yard; and b.) those little buggers were eating enough of the food out of our garden, I didn't want to add to their own personal Golden Corral during the spring, summer and fall.

So, the other cold, cold morning, when Sarah was writing her book (more on that later), it seemed like a good time to hang out and try out a non-peanut butter recipe.  This method for making bird feeders involves combining unflavored gelatin and birdseed in muffin tins or cookie cutters, putting them in the fridge to set, then tying some twine through the hole and hanging them on a tree.

Measuring and mixing was the best part:

So was putting the "bird Jell-o" in the cupcake pan.

"Mommy, are there baby birds in here?"
We put some straws through the middle to make a hole.
Happy birthday, birds!

Cupcakes = birthdays at our house, so the kids thought that maybe the birds were celebrating with this special treat. 

We stuck the bird jell-o in the fridge overnight.

 And it STILL fell apart.
I guess in this case, it was more about the process, rather than the final product.

 Sorry it's been heavy on the "Here's all the goofy stuff I did with my kids!" lately.  I promise I'll get back to heckling Mike very soon.  BTW, do you like the new pegs?  Leprechauns.  Sarah is drawing up plans for an elaborate trap to catch some on St. Patrick's Day.  We're also going to enlist the help of Eddie the Elf on the Shelf, to see if he'll help us.  After all, elves and leprechauns are both magical beings that show up once a year. 

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