Saturday, March 2, 2013


Seeing as how yesterday was March 1st, and we've had such a mild winter, you'd think we'd be getting ready to put away the sweaters and boots and break out the flip-flops.  Nope.  We've gotten snow for the past two days. 

Even so, I am rebelling against Mother Nature and the crummy weather outside, and I'm putting up some Spring-y decorations.

The first thing to go up was this rather understated pussy willow-and-ribbon wreath on the front door.
Understated is all well and good for the front door, but we like our holiday decorations just this side of tacky.  With Easter coming up fast, I wanted to do a riff on this monster wreath (the same tutorial I used for the Snowths).  So, I tried my hand at making a tulle bunny.  Judge for yourself whether it's cute or scary:

I used a pool noodle and duct tape to make the wreath form, and craft foam, styrofoam balls, felt, and ribbon for the features and bow tie.  The kids seem to like him, and I kind of like his quizzical, clueless, and just a leeeetle bit creepy expression.  Decorations that can pull double duty just make sense, and Easter/Halloween decor is a rare combo.

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