Monday, March 4, 2013

He Put a Ring On It (Squared)

Exciting events are afoot in the extended House of Brown.  Not one, but TWO of Mike's brothers have just gotten engaged!

One of the engagements involved the groom petitioning for the bride's hand through a series of tasks, including eating an unhatched baby bird, plowing 5 acres of farmland, and awaiting the vote of the bride-elect's family. (There might be a touch of poetic license on my part here.)

The other involved a trip to Montreal and popping the question over dinner.

Mike is giddy in anticipation of his brothers' initiation into doom marital bliss.  Though I'm excited to have both of these super-sweet and cute girls join the family, I'm kind of sad to be slipping down in the rankings of daughters-in-law.  I'm pretty sure I was a solid fifth place, behind some cousins and non-blood-relations, thanks to my womb's status as Sarah's first apartment and her status as the first Brown Baby Girl Born in 150 Years. (*Note: Mike has only one other married brother.) Now, I fully expect to slip to somewhere in the high teens. 

Mike's brother Dan will be married in the Philippines in July, and the hubs has been asked to be the Best Man.  In keeping with an "if it never worked, keep trying it" theme, Mike's passport photo looks like the mugshot of a white-collar criminal serving a life sentence with a terminal illness.  The kids and I probably won't be able to go to the wedding, which is really a shame, since I was looking forward to 30 hours of "Are we there yet?".

Anyhoo, all of the wedding excitement has spilled over to the littles and now we find ourselves in the midst of daily wedding ceremonies/crime-fighting sprees. (Since we live in Tennessee, it is perfectly acceptable for siblings to get married.)

 We've had a dragon wedding:

your standard fairytale princess ceremony... on bicycles:

a shotgun wedding:

And an everyday, average superhero wedding. 
  As one would expect, Sarah is a total Bridezilla, demanding that her dragon wings and tail are just the right shade of marigold.

 My role as Mother-of-the-Bride (and the groom) is pretty standard: handle floral arrangements, make the cake, and be the Bad Guy when the ceremony is over and the crime-fighting begins.

No matter what wacky turns the ceremony takes, the happy couple rides off into the sunset:

And runs into a tree.

And deals with car trouble.

 But, it's back on the road again, off to exploring and adventuring,
 avoiding potholes and discovering the World's Biggest Ball of Yarn.

Congratulations to all of the happy couples!

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