Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Giveaway This Weekend!

This weekend, we're giving away not one, but TWO angelic preschoolers!

Made ya look.

This sweepstakes was fixed all along, because my parents are the big winners. The kids are spending a long weekend with them in Memphis.  In theory, this will give Mike and I a chance to get a bunch of stuff done around this house.  In practice, we probably won't make it through even half of our to-do list. 

I have extracted the promise from Mike that he will leave me alone for a few hours to do some major sewing, but we'll see if he makes good on that. I imagine it will shape up to be a lot of forced labor yard work, examining house plans, and watching Predators: The Sequel. 

Freedom from children for an ENTIRE WEEKEND is a heady brew, and we usually handle it with all of the finesse of a yard dog who's been given the run of the house.  What to do first?  Where to look? SQUIRREL! Where to go? Run, slide, chase our tails!  We'll turn in frenzied circles until we finally flop down, give our ears a scratch, and pass out.

But, oh, how we will pay for this weekend once our progeny return to us.   There will be approximately 3.7 seconds of, "Mommy! Daddy! We're so happy to see you!", and then it's Game On.  Meltdowns, tantrums, chubby arms crossed over their chest, backs turned, the refusal to look at the source of all of their pain and anxiety eventually giving way to glaring eyes and pouty lips; we have all  that and more to look forward to upon their return.  But I won't think about that today.  I'll think about it tomorrow. 

So, if you're in the Memphis area this weekend, keep an eye out for a little girl rockin' some red cowgirl boots and the man workin' the sweater vest/sweatpant combo.  They'll be the ones with the very tired grandparents.

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