Monday, March 25, 2013

How Do You Wear a Maxi Skirt and Not Look Like a Sister-Wife?

 Make sure your maxi is NEON pink.

Believe it or not, I actually sew things for myself almost as often as I sew for the little folks.  And, not to alarm you or anything, but what I make for myself is not usually made from felt. Or tulle.

 I'm instigating a full rebellion against Mother Nature. Flurries the week of Easter?  Hats and gloves when it's officially spring? Nope.  It was time to whip up the neon pink maxi skirt I'd been pinning and planning ever since I started on Pinterest. So, there.   I used this free pattern, and it fit like a glove.  The knit is from Hobby Lobby, and, admittedly not the highest quality, so I have to wear a slip underneath.  Because my momma raised me right. 

Check out the finished product:

Lame mirror picture.  Why didn't I get Mike to take a picture of me?
 If Sarah was my stylist, she'd probably have me wear a wild floral in, I don't know, red or something, and demand I wear red cowboy boots with it.  I think I'll stick to neutrals on top (until I get some sort of black-and-white polka dot or chevron fabric), and sandals on the bottom.  

Surprisingly, Mike liked my skirt.  Normally his taste runs to the short, tight, and tiny side of things.

For me.  Not for him. 

I will be making more of these. Maybe in emerald? Chevron?  It's definitely a step up from the running skirts and sports bras that I wear around like a poser when I have no intention whatsoever of running.  Anyway, as if a bright pink skirt wasn't enough, I just got an amaze-balls swimsuit from Athleta, and I'm working on a tankini refashion.  And now the wheels are turning on some coverups...  Come on, warm weather!

P.S. I don't look like a sister-wife, do I?

 In other news, Mike was miffed because I dedicated a whole post to my coral paintings, and didn't include his hibiscus painting.

Pssst... That's because I wanted all of the attention.

So, here it is, making us all have the sudden urge to try surfing.

 Seriously, this is what we did all weekend. 

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