Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Okay, so, as promised, here's another Dr. Seuss project that's easy to put together.  I will warn you, however, that it is not so easy to clean up.  And that is why I hurried to get this little busy box ready for my  sweet Baboos, and now I'm not going to let them play with it.  Unless. Unless there's a break in this gloomy weather because we have to play with this outside.

I busted out a batch of rainbow rice (recipe at the end of the post), and laid it all nice and ROYGBIV-style in a plastic storage container.  Sigh.  It won't stay all delectable and pretty for long.

Seuss-themed terrarium, complete with Truffula trees
Anyway, Thing One and Thing Two are characters that are very dear to my heart for two reasons: 1.) their AWESOME hair; and 2.) I feel like I know them because I live with their doppelgangers.  That's why we have puppets AND pegs of these guys.  So, I whipped up some quick peg dolls, hot glued a pom pom on their heads, and there you have it. 

I saw another post somewhere about dying cotton balls to make Truffula trees, but we're kind of instant gratification people over here.  Since I was already in a pom-pom-making mood, I made a few more and hot glued them to craft sticks for my Truffulas.

A view into the Things' terrarium

I would apologize for the crummier-than usual photography, but if you're a loyal reader, it's something you've come to expect.

I almost forgot.
 Here's the method for making Rainbow Rice (originally from Pink and Green Mama):

5 lbs. of white rice
hand sanitizer
basic food coloring

Step 1: Pour 1/6 of the rice in a gallon plastic baggie.
Step 2: Pour about 8 or 9 drops of desired food coloring onto rice in baggie.
Step 3: Squirt about 3 pumps of hand sanitizer onto rice in baggie. (This sets the food coloring so it doesn't come off onto little hands.)
Step 4: Zip baggie closed.  Mix food coloring, rice, and hand sanitizer all around until well coated and desired shade.
Step 5: Repeat steps 1 thru 4 for all colors in separate baggies, eyeballing and mixing any colors that you want.
Anyway, gotta run.  We're meeting with Sarah's agent about a book deal.

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