Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gestating and Ice Skating

If you're trying to picture what that might look like, just think of a water buffalo on stilts. 

That being said, we all went back for round 2 of ice skating this weekend 
and it was a grand success! 
 *Success = more time on foot than on rear ends and nobody crying in the penalty box.  

This time Mike joined us,
 and the little guys were ecstatic to be able to show him the ropes. 

All this week, Mike has been talking up his mad skills on the rink, but I was more than a little skeptical of my beach boy's prowess on frozen water.  As it turns out, he wasn't making it up.  

Whereas, every time I step on the ice it's like Bambi first learning to walk, 
Mike glides on in as if he's right back to the couples' skate, circa 1992. 
Ugh. So frustrating being married to somebody who's good at everything.  

Except spelling.  I can still out-spell him.

Anyway, kids took turns with the skate scooter thing while we worked with whomever was not scooting around trying to kneecap the other unsuspecting skaters.  

 Sarah's got skills, but she just doesn't know it yet.  
I think we need to teach the little perfectionist how to fall and get back up.

My human wrecking ball proved quite the daredevil, 
and ended up eschewing all assistance from parent, wall, or scooter.

He is sooooo proud of himself.  Almost as proud as his parents.

By the way, when did I get so old?  First off, I was ready to check each and every one of the little hockey show-offs who showed up for the last 45 minutes of public skate.  I mean, they did clip me and/or the kids about 12 times.  Several of them felt the wrath of my teacher look,
 which I think might be morphing into something even scarier, judging by the reaction I'm getting these days.  Seriously, though, I'm incubating one child and mama bear to 2 more cubs.  
You so much as look at one of us wrong, and I'm coming after you.

Even though I didn't stick a foot out to trip one of the little speed skaters up,
 I've got a bum knee.  It's cool because I make the kids or Mike 
pick stuff up off the ground for me these days anyway. 
But, sheesh, it would be nice if a few of my joints were working properly.

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and early bedtimes were well-earned.  
 I'd say that counts for time well spent.

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