Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Superhero Pegs

If you're tired of the peg dolls, too bad because we are not. We have a few new ones to add to our bevy, including IronMan, Gold Lame (pronounced lam-ay) Elvis, BatGirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Iron Woman.

Ever since Will got an IronMan toothbrush, he's been big into that particular superhero.  Some of Sarah's best friends at school are boys, so she's been more into ninjas and superheroes lately, too.

Mike drew him for me, and I started painting him along with Catwoman, BatGirl, and WW. Blah, blah, skip to the part where Sarah looked from IronMan to me and back to IronMan with big saucer eyes, asking, "Where is IronWOMAN?"

Great question, Gloria Stein-Brown. 

So, here they all are in their glory:

Apparently Elvis really IS a vampire.
Here's a lineup of just the girls:
I gave WonderWoman Sarah's blonde hair and blue eyes since I went with a Julie Newmar-ish Catwoman and Bat Girl's wearing a mask and hood. 

Now Will's demanding a jet pack on IronMan (seriously, how did he get that from a picture on a toothbrush?), so I'm thinking of something 3D to add to it.  Maybe some sort of pasta?

If you want a little change of pace from the crafty posts, hang in there, it's coming soon.  We're headed to Chuck's Pre-schooler's Paradise today, and the peeps can't wait.

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