Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heart Specimen Chart Art

Do you ever stand in front of a display of brightly-colored sweaters, unable to decide on just one color because they look too yummy stacked there all together?  Or do you ever find yourself in the paint section of Home Depot, transfixed by all of the rainbowy goodness, unaware that your kids have wandered off and your son is trying to use the demo potty in the home remodeling section?  No?  Maybe it's just me.

Soooo, it's the middle of January and we still had the Liberace Santa hanging over our couch.  All other evidence of Christmas was packed away long before New Year's, except that.  Mike and I hemmed and hawed.  I pinned ideas and checked my junk craft stash, but we still couldn't come up with anything that would be quick and cheap and cool to look at.  Until I saw this on Pinterest.  Rainbows and hearts, all together in one project?!  The 3-year-old girl in me was doing cartwheels.

This project was right in my budget (free!), quick, and easy.  I already had a heart punch and the frame, and I used the back of a poster, so the hardest part of all this was procuring mass quantities of paint samples.  My trusty sidekicks and I set out to gather as many as possible, and I think we could have used a few more, but, meh.  

All I did was punch out the hearts, arrange them on the back of a white piece of paper big enough for the frame, glue them down with glue stick, and pop the thing up on the wall.  Done and done.

Here's the end result:

Ready for Valentine's Day!

I should mention that Mike doesn't like my "art" very much, and I know my version doesn't look as good as the Pinterest one.  But, hey, it buys us some time to figure out something a little more sophisticated, and you get what you pay for, right? 


  1. That is really pretty! I think it looks great! So fun and colorful. I love Valentine's Day!!!

    1. Thanks! Valentine's Day is one of my favorites, too. No pressure, just gooey sweetness.