Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to the King

Today would have been Elvis' 73rd birthday.  As a Memphis girl, I know that all this week fans from across the globe have been honoring him with candlelight vigils, tears, and visits to Graceland.

Here's our own little tribute in pictures:

Don't step on my pink glitter shoes.
What? You don't let your preschooler play with the fireplace poker?

The Elvis costume is one that I made for Will's Halloween getup 2 years ago, and the plan was for him to model it.  However, he's busy filling his waning hours of being two with extra terribleness, contrariness, and two-ness.  Good thing I had a compliant 4-year-old waiting in the wings to model for me.  

Here's the best of the worst of the Halloween pictures of Will "TCB" Brown working his trick-or-treat magic.

January 8th also brings to mind the snow we had 3 years ago.  I was in labor (but nothing major) and Sarah and I went out to explore the white stuff.  I built my signature Slimer snowman, and she proceeded to take a bite out of the head.  The next day, we headed to the hospital and after a pretty short interval, I held my little Moose and watched the snow fall.

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