Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Will!

Before we let Will speak for himself, here are a few factoids about the man at this moment in time:

  • He's intense: either scalding hot or ice cold, but NEVER lukewarm.
  • He's a big believer in the 4 D's: donuts, dinosaurs, dragons, and drums.
  • He's making 2013 the Year of the Sweater Vest.  Sweater vest + Sweatpants = the perfect outfit for almost any occasion.  Nothing says, "I may be dressed up, but I'll wrestle you for a donut hole," like this classic combo.
  • Career goals: Superhero Rockstar Race Guy Space Ranger
  • Words to live by: "Don't pick your boogers in church."
  • Snuggler extraordinaire
  • Little-known talent: shaking his groove thang.
  • He's raised competitive lap-sitting to an art form, brawling with anyone who tries to sneak a cheek on Mom or Dad's lap.  
  • Will never stops talking.  Ever.  Even in his sleep.  
  • Interesting factoid: Will hates birds and is convinced the pigeons in the library parking garage are going to eat him.
  • He came out of the womb with a South Beach-worthy tan.  His year-round golden complexion has earned him the moniker "Brown Bear", while Sarah is our fair-skinned polar bear.

Will has a complicated relationship with big sister Sarah.  He steals her food.  She tackles him for it.

Sometimes it's hard to have a big sister.  You get bossed around twice as much, sucked into princess dress-up scenarios, and hugged against your will.  But, at the end of the day, she's the best friend and ally to have when all that stands between you and the bad guys is a pool noodle and a superhero cape.

We can't believe that our baby boy is 3 years old and all grown up!

Anyway, I will hopefully have his birthday interview up later on today.  Sometimes life happens and you just can't get everything done.

Love you, big man.

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