Saturday, July 20, 2013

When Daddy's In Charge...

Sometimes, a mama just needs some time on a Saturday to get some stuff done.  You know, like eating bonbons, catching up on her soaps  cleaning the toilets, scrubbing bathtubs, and doing school work.   Being the awesome dad he is 
(and given the choice between hanging with the kids or de-funking the bathroom), 
Mike is game to help a hausfrau out, 
in his own unique way.

This is what a morning out with Daddy looks like around our 'hood:

Getting your hair did.

Hauling some lumber.

Blowing off some steam by shooting a Civil War-era cannon.

Retail therapy.

And taking a load off.  With a stuffed polar bear.

And taking a spin in Daddy's work chair.

Hope your Saturday looks a little better than the inside of a toilet!

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