Monday, July 1, 2013

A Whole Hand

Someone had a birthday on Saturday.
I just read a quote recently about genius as "giving birth to joy".
If that's the case, then Einstein's got NOTHING on this girl.

Sarah is equal parts fairy princess and superhero, with a killer knuckle-ball and a rapier wit.  

Right now she loves roller coasters, chess, tea parties, and driving her Jeep.   She's up for anything from ballet to bug hunting, and she really wants to learn to play the violin and the guitar. 
And if you want to hear a knock-knock joke, Sarah can deliver a punch line like a pro.
She loves books, coloring, and writing notes for her friends.  

Receiving her own mail is a big deal, 
and she's a budding writer/illustrator with several books in the works.

 As our firstborn, she's had the daunting task of teaching Mike and me how to be parents.  

We're still working on that.  

Her timing has been perfect since  the day she was born, 
waiting to make her grand entrance until her daddy made it up from Miami, 
and taking every big milestone (first steps, first words, first home run) 
right in stride and perfectly executed.

She's a sweet, vivacious soul who surprises us every single day.

Her name is Sarah, but her first name is Princess.

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