Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flat Sarah and Will 2-D

I'm putting my kids in the mail and sending them to their grandparents. 
 "If it fits, it ships," right?

Just joshing.

Sort of...
See, even though we just saw almost all of Mike's immediate family a few weeks ago (here and here), we won't be able to be with them for a huge family event coming up in the next few weeks: Uncle Dan and Aunt Chrislyn's wedding in the Philippines.  

During our recent visit to Florida, we were joking about sending life-sized cardboard standees of ourselves so we could be in on the wedding fun.  

Here's the thing: there's nothing our kids like better than seeing themselves in pictures.  Plus, at their ages, the concepts of other countries and distance and the world are nebulous at best.  What better way to give them perspective (and feed their egos) than to let their little mailable selves have an adventure!
Even though we can't make ourselves into cardboard, we can "Flat Stanley" the kids. 

So, I took a bunch of full-length pictures of the kids...

...printed them out, and laminated them.  

While we were waiting for the laminating, I asked them what they thought about being mailed to another country.  Their saucer-eyes said it all.  

Sarah was game, but she couldn't hide her trepidation about fitting in the envelope.  
Will got a little defensive when I suggested looking
 around Staples for a box big enough to fit both of them. 

Anyway, after we laminated them,
 I cut around the image of their bodies and stuck them in the mail to Nana.  

Our hope is that the relatives will have some fun with these little guys 
and we can get in on the celebration
 even though we can't be there in person.
 Now, I just need a globe and some great stories from the big adventure.

They really started to warm up to the idea of being mailed to another part of the world...

As you can see, we can't wait!

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