Monday, July 8, 2013

Firefly Relocation Program and a Bug Jar How-To

Here at the HOB, we have an outreach program for bugs, special sticks, and even pet rocks.  Normally, we keep the good work we do to ourselves, quietly providing meals, shelter, and, for the bugs, a crushing blow to the exoskeleton. 
We are committed to keeping these little balls of light as pets...

...whether they like it or not.

 Armed with nets and spaghetti jars, we take extra-long naps to make sure we're alert and ready to transport the unwitting and unwilling little buggers
 to their new temporary homes.  

In our home.

Yes, we love a bug hunt around here. 

But what we love most about  lightning bugs is their glowing hind-ends.  
Normally we clean out a spaghetti jar and catch away, 
but for Sarah's party, I wanted to do something special. 

I also wanted to give the bugs a break and the kids an incentive to release their prey.  

So, about 2 days before the big hunt, I got 6 mason jars from Dollar Tree, 
some glow paint, and some Q-tips and went to work.
Step 1:  Just load a Q-tip with some glow paint and dab little ovals at random 
            all over the inside of the jar.
Let it dry, and apply at least 2 more coats.  
*I didn't do this, but it might work better if you get some neon yellow or green paint and do the first coat in neon, and the subsequent coats in glow paint.

Step 2:  Use a Sharpie to draw wings and antennae on your cute little guys on the 
            outside of the jar.

Step 3:  (Optional) Go on a firefly hunt!
 Step 4:  "Charge" the glow paint under a lamp, turn off the lights, and enjoy 
              the glow of your very own little lightning bugs!               

I couldn't get a picture of the jars lit up in all of their buggy glory, but, trust me, it works.

Happy Monday!


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