Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Bucket List

 I'm kind of a list person.  I feel an inordinate sense of satisfaction by checking things off lists, and, so, I usually make daily lists.  The problem is, those lists spawn other lists.  Soon, I'm biting off more than I can chew and paralyzed by the very activity that was supposed to make me more productive. 

With summer just around the corner, all sorts of list-making opportunities loom ahead.  Travel, school for me, camp, and a rising kindergartner in our midst are all events that necessitate detailed, multi-page lists.  So, like everybody else, we have a lot to pack into a very short amount of time.

In an effort to keep our very busy summer FUN too, I made a list of course.  

But, this list has been neutered.  This is a list that will NOT beget more lists, nor will it spawn the evil twins guilt and regret for not completing every single activity.  It's simple, straightforward, and just detailed enough to give us purpose and direction. 

So, here goes:

Summer Bucket List
1.Go berry picking
2. See a baseball game
3. Check out the farmer's market
4. Set up a lemonade stand
5. Have an outdoor movie night
6. Make a water blob or splash pad in the backyard.
7. Make Ice Cream in a bag
8. Go on a fossil hunt and make dinosaur eggs
9. Watch Fireworks
10. Make flag T-shirts
11. Make Snoopy Sno-cones
12. Attend a Zoovie night.
13. Picnic at a concert in the park.
14. Play at the Parthenon and feed the ducks.
15. Host a backyard camp-out.
16. One word says it all: DISNEY! (Probably will regret doing this one in mid-June with a few hundred-thousand of our closest friends.)
17. Make lanyards
18. Go fishing 
19. Take a family photo on the beach.
20. Go ice skating or roller skating (Might regret this one, too.)
21. Go to the planetarium 
22. Take baths outside (Kids, not parents).
23. Ride a ferris wheel.
24. Host a firefly hunting party!

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  1. Love it! A very reasonable and obtainable set of summer goals :-)